Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another collection beginning????

Friday night we went to an auction...a new one in town...I think I am going to like these auctions, I got a motherload....most going on ebay or my website.
I am not usually a doll person, but I could not resist this one...I thought she looked like Shirley Temple with her little pin curls. Turns out, she is not Shirley Temple, I got home and found out she is a Princess Elizabeth Alexander doll, made in 1937, when Madame Alexander dolls began. She is actually a young girl version of Princess Elizabeth, in honor of her coronation. I don't think I want to sell her, she looks so pretty on my dresser. Uh oh, I feel another collection beginning!
I really bought her to sell, but no...she has grown on me. Besides, the composition on her back is in bad shape, no one will buy her....right???? Sigh! I'm thinking hubby will be none to happy with me!


Clare said...

Hi Arlene, what a really wonderful find - and you have to keep some things for yourself!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog by the way! Clare x

Shabby in the City said...

Love her!