Friday, February 02, 2007

Meet Squirtle!

My desk faces the front window, and for the past few days, this little fella has been running back and forth...ya know how you see something out of the corner of your eye, and it keeps distracting you? So, figuring he was hungry, I opened the door and threw out some nuts I had leftover from Christmas (that were supposed to go in cookies, but I gave up after I found out I was kidding myself as to how many different kinds of cookies I could make this year!)

First pic is when he first discovered the nuts. Can you tell by the tracks in the snow in the second that he obviously came back for more? Ok, so I bought more nuts tonight for him. A friend from Make Mine Pink helped me pick out his name. Her son couldn't say squirrel when he was little, he called them Squirtles......soooooooooooo meet Squirtle...I have a feeling he will be around alot now!
Oh, and the weatherman said its going down to zero this weekend, we are out of firewood, and it seems, so are all the firewood suppliers around here! And I was doing so good this year leaving the heat on real low to save on the gas bill...well, guess thats over!


Lynda said...

Hi Arlene,
Just love, love your blog and am laughing out loud about the squirrel post (living in LA we never see any snow so it's a real treat!) and will be coming back tonight to spend more time reading more of the blog.

I've just approved your submission to the Delightfulblog directory. Thanks so much for submitting.


lilcottageshoppe said...

Lynda, thanks so much for your comments...I am delighted to be approved for delightful blogs! You made my day! xoxo