Saturday, February 24, 2007

What is Going On????

Well, who said that little groundhog saw his shadow???????????????
We are having another blizzard......I can't take it anymore! I am absolutely sure that in September of 2005, as we drove back to Illinois after living in Las Vegas for 5 years, we really must have gotten on the wrong highway! I was sure we were going to Illinois, not Antartica! What the!!!!! Sure, my family told me, come back, our winters are sooooo mild! It never snows anymore! I fell for it! Ugh!!!!!!!
Alright, I will quit whining. I really wanted to show you all what a pink sister of mine from Make Mine Pink has been working on. Just look at these embroidered screens. Is that not to die for? Can you not just picture the cutest white gingerbread screen door with this as the screen? I sooooo cannot wait till spring, I am changing all my ugly screens. For more, visit Janets Blog at She can do so many different designs! I just love them!

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Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Hi Arlene, Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! How wonderful to have a Pink MMP Sister who supports her friends! What a great place to be!
Hoping Spring comes soon to you!