Friday, April 06, 2007

Whew...I think I'm caught up!

No, I haven't posted in awhile....Sooo busy....I may have already mentioned that my son broke his leg last that halted alot...had to run and go see him and baby him....LOL...he's 21 but he is my baby! Then I had the vintage kitchen swap...waited and waited for the last component..I ordered it from ebay from someone with good took 3 weeks to get here. It finally showed up saturday, but my adopted sister was in town...did I ever tell you how I found out I had an older sister by googling my name? That will be another post!
Anyway, she was in town so we had dinner on saturday, sunday we had more I finally sat down and was able to finish my special gift for my swap partner Lisa, and her adorable little Avalon who helped her shop for me. Finished it up and finally mailed it out...can't post pics till she gets it, but I was so happy with it when finished! I hope she loves it!
Then the ebay listings...oh, I am behind on listing! I'm broke this month so was looking for inexpensive items, and fell into some vintage I am hooked! Some of that goes for big dollars! So I have been a thrifting fool, trying to work miracles on 40 year old stains, repairing hems and split seams, etc...ironing away...I have to say, its nice not to have to bubble wrap and fight with that horrid tape gun when I need to send a package out though!
I'm also working on a new handmade line for my website...but I can't reveal it yet! The Country Living Entreprenaurs seminar I went to inspired me and I am determined!
For now, here are some of my finds for this week! Anyone know what this little girl is called? I have it on the tip of my tongue but can't remember for the life of me...its not a Kewpie, I don't think!

Then theres this 50's swing dress...I mean...did they really have waists that small? Jeez...I had to take the back off the dress form to get it on...I only wish I could fit into it...I have lost 15 pounds, but have much more to go yet..

And heres another...oh, if I could only wear this!

Anyway, Fridays auction looks good...crossing my fingers...I am running out of products other than the projects in the garage...but they will be so fabulous when finished!


cityfarmer said...

I'm in love...are these finds from the Mchenry you know Trish from "This that and the Other"?

My daughter lives downtown right by the park with the gazebo...So we could meet there sometime for a picnic lunch and then go junkin

know what you mean about ebaby...I call it my baby because it ALWAYS needs attention...if I fall under 50 listings I feel like I'm behind...sold 4300.00 in the last 31 days...if that's not enough motivation, I don't know what is.
chat soon.

Lisa said...

Your vintage clothes are really pretty, I bet you'll do well with those.
I am very excited to see your new unveiled handmade line. All that inspiration from the Country Living conference? Thats awesome. I probably should have gone. So when can we see this new line?