Monday, May 07, 2007

I am soooo very behind on blogging, as well as just about everything else in my tonight I will try to catch up.

I received my Spring Swap, it was so beautiful...mine will never compare. Problem, I picked it up on the way to the store, my son was driving...I opened it in the car, we shopped all day and all night, he dropped me off, and its still in his I can't post pics till he comes over again, which probably won't be till mid week..but I will as soon as he comes over. Sarah, if you are out there, I cannot find your email address, please contact me!

Secondly, remember this post?My House and What I want it to look like?

Well, read my last line, the disclaimer, carefully....I inserted a disclaimer that if my wanna be house belonged to someone, I apologize and could they come help? Well guess belongs to someone...and she stumbled on my blog...LOL...She has the cutest house and the cutest blog, you must go see it! KattzCottage...LOL...its even a smally cyberspace blog world, who woulda thunk? I keep reminding you of the Pink Diamond Contest at Make Mine Pink???? Well, you have to go find the diamonds,
cause the prizes are just gorgeous! Or, if you are out and about, we are all wearing one of these! Spot the Make Mine Pink member wearing her pin, and you are automatically entered into the drawing, but you must talk to her so she can get your information!

If you lost the link...go !Here to Make Mine Pink for the Diamond details!

And last....but definitely not least....

Make Mine Pink on Ebay!

You must join us for the most 'shabulous' pink auction on eBay!

All of the items being offered are generously being provided for sale by the boutique owners at Make Mine Pink for our Pink Diamond auction event!
From handmade, hand sewn, handpainted, and embroidered, to vintage,antique, gift certificates, and of course, PINK, we offer you a wide range of Shabby cottage chic, romantic, elegant, gorgeously handpainted, handsewn, and treasured vintage collectibles! Be sure to put us on your watchlist as we will be listing all weekend!

Visit the Make Mine Pink Auctions!

P.S. I have been tagged twice to post 7 weird things about me...LOL....guess that means I have to come up with 14....shouldn't be hard....stay tuned...till tomorrow!

3 comments: said...

Oh that is so cute that the home owner is a fellow blogger!

Lisa said...

That is soooooo funny! Small world isn't it!

Arlene said... really amused me!