Monday, June 25, 2007

Cottage White Antique Cast Iron Fireplace Surround, wish it could cover it all!

So this week, I finally got around to some of the before and afters in my storage unit...namely this old cast iron fireplace surround. It was hideously rusted, and black and maroon, and green, and ugly. So out came my wire brush and sandpaper, and I sanded and brushed till almost all the old paint (I probably have lead poisoning now) was off, and all the dirty old rust was gone. Then 3 coats of Martha Stewart White Ironstone paint. Now this is going on ebay and/or my website, so I had to find a place to take the shot. Sadly, I have no fireplace, only a woodstove that came with the cottage. The woodstove is a blueish tile. I so badly want it cottage white, but don't think I can paint the tile (can I???) Anyway, I set this in front of it....and loved how it looks. But I need to find something to totally encase it...any ideas? This is probably the last eyesore keeping my cottage from looking like I want it! This surround is going up for sale, but I need this look!


Sugar Bear said...

Do you know any carpenters in your area? I bet they may have a few suggestions.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Arlene!
What a lovely setting with your statues & flowers! Just gorgeous & looks like you put so much hard work into re-doing the fireplace surround. Great job & very pretty!
Enjoy your day!

cityfarmer said...

We must, we must get together...we could comiserate over all of these sad you missed the purge of everything sale.

cityfarmer said...

P.S. stay tuned to my ebay site on my sidebar...loading all of your kind of stuff.