Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, Now What Do I Do?

So Mama and babies are gone...

But.....she forgot something!

So, now what do I do? Will she come back? Are they duds? Poor things! Do I get rid of them...oh, how could I? Can you tell I was raised in the me!

But there are more in our yard cute, but they do leave little surprises all over the place for us! Yuk!

Where have I been? Well, we have been working hard painting all the ugly brown 70's trim and deck white, we had billions of posts to all that is left is the actual floor of the deck...if it ever stops raining.
Watch my LilCottageShoppe for some new cute vintage goodies being added all week!


Sugar Bear said...

I bet the mama will be back. They are easy on the eyes but definitely leave behind quite a mess! We have loads of them at the university where I work. You can't even walk through some of the fields without turning into a ballet dancer and hopping on your tip toes!

Nancy said...

We have a very low survival rate here for our baby ducklings.... the eagles swoop down and get them.... They're so cute to look at though.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How sweet! Did mama ever go back to the rest of those eggs?

We have loads of Canadian geese around here, and they leave a HUGE mess! I like them better in the cow fields than on the school playground! =)

My Pink Boutique said...

Too cute! So if mama duck comes back and those eggs hatch, does that make you grandma? ;) Thanks for sharing w/ us Arlene!

Kimberly :)

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Good morning Arlene!
How Cute & what Fun! Maybe you have more little babies by now if they've hatched! I've always wanted ducks! Looks like you've been really busy & accomplishing lots with your painting ~ painting is on our list too but it's sure getting hot down here so it's hard to get started!
Have a wonderful day!