Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is Indie?

You hear it everywhere now, Indie sites, Indie groups....I had to find out.....here is what I googled ........

What is the definition of Indie?
According to the dictionary, 'indie' is an informal version of the word independent.Although this definition is accurate, the word has come to mean more. It has come to symbolize originality and forward-thinking, especially in music and design.By our definition, indie is any business or designer that is not associated with a large company. Indie can also define the indie shopper, who chooses to support small business rather than big-box stores.

Wow....I love it! For years, I have collected Art Pottery....pottery that is hand made, not mass produced. My favorite china is my Franciscan Desert Rose....Not the new stuff made in China, but it has to be marked just so....so I know that each piece was made by hand. I love antiques, vintage...anything that is not mass produced. Now, the shabby and cottage phase.....reinventing castoffs into beautiful items. Believe me, I can tell when someone lovingly made over a cast off, and when its a cheap "Shabby" imitation from Target or Walmart.

Where am I going with this...well...a few weeks ago, Mike and I were driving around looking for treasures to sell on our site and on Ebay. In about 10 miles, we saw 3 shops with signs "Going Out of Business." A mom and pop grocery, a hardware store, and a bakery. It made me sad...the big guns have run all the small businesses out of town. That's it...I vowed...I am giving all my business to the small business owners whenever possible....or soon there will be no small businesses!
I have kept my promise.....I no longer shop the big grocery stores if I can help it....I go to the neighborhood grocer....its called Val's...and oh, it smells so wonderful when you go in. Where else does the owner keep you there for an hour.....oh, taste this...you have to try these....oh, yummy! Terrible for the diet, but delicious. We needed some supplies for the kitchen remodel...hinges, small stuff. Instead of Home Depot, we went to the local hardware store. Imagine...we walked in, and someone helped us....we didn't have to wander around wondering..."is anyone working in this department?" Oh...and the bread and the cookies and the cheesecake from the bakery...unbelievable! We stopped at the fruit and vegetable stand...oh, so hard to choose!
So, it seems...I have a love for Indie.....I buy everything but my groceries from online boutique owners and ebay....I don't want mass produced! I love handmade....the Christmas stockings and ornaments I have purchased put the WalMart junk to shame! Wait till my kitchen is finished...I have a list of online shops I will be buying from to add the perfect handmade touches!
Indie, and handmade......that is heaven! I didn't know there was a name for it! :)

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Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Arlene..Thanks for the compliment on my display.....
Love the "Indie" term, I am an Indie too! We need to support the small businesses, to many no longer around..they are the foundation of our country...hats off to the "Indies" nice little blurb..