Sunday, February 11, 2007

I tried, I really did!

Okay, this is the second post today, but wanted to let you all know I am not just procrastinating, so, as I was blog surfing this morning, I was inspired by this blog
She does her painting projects inside the house. I have a ton of projects in the garage waiting to be finished, so I thought, okay, I will be very very neat, bring some inside and finish them, after all, it may never be warm in the midwest ever again, I'm afraid. Well, I am not making excuses, this was the condition of every can of paint I have!

Yes, they are all frozen solid! Ughhh! Foiled again! So, wonder how long it takes to thaw

out a gallon of paint????


FourSistersInACottage said...

I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED as I too, felt inspired today to paint or redecorate or something. But my paint is FROZE SOLID with a bit of goo on the top. You would think by now I would remember that as it happens to me almost every year!!!
You must be close to me as it's been so cold here in Iowa that painting, spring and redecorating seems like something that happened years ago.
So maybe it's time to hit the paint store for some new fresh colors. Should I pick you up so we can go together???
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

lilcottageshoppe said...

Hi Amy, ah, found someone else in the frigid Midwest! you understand, I am in Northern Illinois. I did end up rearranging my laundry room and I found a 1/4 of a can of white paint in a closet (that was not frozen)so I painted a table to use for sewing and set it up in my laundry room, since there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to sew! Hey, you are more than welcome to drive out and pick me up!

cityfarmer said...

Me again...that beautiful hooked rug on my newest post...measures 94 x the paint thawed yet?

lilcottageshoppe said...

Still frozen, another day or so, I hope! So, more snow today, just what we needed! :o

carol said...

hi arlene
thank you for visiting my page
I think you might have to wait quite a bit for the paint to thaw