Sunday, February 11, 2007

It Was a Day for Pretty Figurines!

Only one estate sale yesterday worth going to around here, but I fell in love with these adorable figurines, but oh, she had them marked so very high. Did you ever go to a sale, pick something up, look at the price, put it down...wander around some more, find yourself back at the item, pick it up again, put it down, wander around some more, and still find yourself back at the item? That is what these 3 ladies did to me. I really could not justify spending what she had marked for them, and we were one of the first in the sale, so I really did not think she would mark anything down yet. So, as I was checking out, I had found the prettiest little wicker waste basket with huge roses on it, I in my sweetest voice, asked "are you negotiating on any prices today?" "Absolutely!" she said. "What are you interested in?" I picked up the Deco Lladro figurine and showed her. She said, "what if we take 20% off?" Hmmm, still too high for me. I then showed her the Florence Original Figurine, and another figurine whose name I can't read. She said will you buy them all? "Only if the price is right" I told her. "She said what about 50% off?" Bingo, she got me then, so I took them all. Still cost a pretty penny, but at least I can list them now without losing money! I walked away a very happy person...and so glad I asked!
So, for this weekend, our newest items are 3 figurines, 2 hand painted tole trays, although one has a broken handle, its still so pretty I took it anyway! An EAPG banana stand, a 1930's gorgeous beaded bag, a pretty rose print that you can't see in the pic, its hiding behind the wooden tray, 2 cast iron rose carved bookends, and oh, I went to an auction on friday and still haven't taken pics yet, maybe later today!
Also, my blogger friend Lisa recommended a doll hospital nearby for the Princess Elizabeth doll I posted last week, so I am emailing for a quote and will keep you posted! Stay warm!


FourSistersInACottage said...

Keep showing us the wonderful finds...
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)
(PS...can I add you to my blog as one of my favorite blogs to read???)

IsabellasCloset said...

Wow! What very beautiful things you have.. Love the lamp? in the background it is GORGEOUS! Hope you have a lovely day ~Bella~ IsabellasCloset